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  l4p1n 5c2e94b043
Add API new message broadcasted event handling to websocket server 1 year ago
  l4p1n 8d6dd94a0e
Change timezone from Europe/Paris to UTC to avoid TZ parsing issues on the bot 1 year ago
  l4p1n 993064583c
Remove old websocket server files 1 year ago
  l4p1n 66516dc51f
Add new message event handling 1 year ago
  l4p1n 7fe04261de
Add subscribe/event message basic handling 1 year ago
  l4p1n b470e7b7ab
Add Redis pub/sub mechanism 1 year ago
  l4p1n c23fa0f7b2
Rename ClientPayloadHandler.close to cleanup_connection 1 year ago
  l4p1n b0d7c53540
Add guild member chunk sending 1 year ago
  l4p1n 078e3d6298
Send guild create events in Python 1 year ago
  l4p1n b1887b0d64
Change heartbeat interval to 45 seconds 1 year ago
  l4p1n 8936ae172a
Add ready state event sending 1 year ago
  l4p1n 2bef94514e
Add user authentication 1 year ago
  l4p1n a26d1ce435
Add some more logging 1 year ago
  l4p1n ac1522cf70
Add database connection file 1 year ago
  l4p1n f981984d0e
Implement websocket server and heartbeating in Python 1 year ago
  l4p1n 9d0fb2a8b1
Move old server to folder for future reference 1 year ago
  l4p1n 8d3ada733b
Partially implement new messages receiving, transforming and transmitting 1 year ago
  l4p1n c70f80cb73
Send the message with the broadcast 1 year ago
  l4p1n 8b6bf267ad
Fire channel subscriptions on gateway server to Redis 1 year ago
  l4p1n 06a38f2724
Handle guild request members from client 1 year ago
  l4p1n b566f39f44
Organise and categorise functions in gateway server 1 year ago
  l4p1n 337e78db27
Move guild create event sending to a separate function 1 year ago
  l4p1n 889b4fe0a6
Simplify queries and cleanup members sending 1 year ago
  l4p1n da8a3e194b
Revert "Make the server spit all the json for us" 1 year ago
  l4p1n 46aa67a40e
Make the server spit all the json for us 1 year ago
  l4p1n 563472038c
Add custom model for pivot table 1 year ago
  l4p1n 4e41c74384
Add event GUILD_CREATE sending after READY event 1 year ago
  l4p1n 8ab711c84c
Clean up socket server class madness 1 year ago
  l4p1n 1f8428b44b
Add ready gateway event sending 1 year ago
  l4p1n 7effe6d53b
Move out payload handling to specialized class 1 year ago
  l4p1n 97f74c238a
Move heartbeat handling and add connection ident 1 year ago
  l4p1n 59d6feaaf0
Database connection pooling 1 year ago
  l4p1n e8006e7ae2
WIP: Handle identify websocket opcode 1 year ago
  l4p1n 035b04845a
Fix middleware array in BroadcastServiceProvider 1 year ago
  l4p1n f6bfaa1870
Basic channel presence validation 1 year ago
  l4p1n 692ff18eaa
Update ide_helper_models.php 1 year ago
  l4p1n e76f1472cb
Ignore already handled and known websocket opcodes in websocket server 1 year ago
  l4p1n e9d0388f0a
Kickoff socket server creation 1 year ago
  l4p1n ecb907ccb8
Change channel authentication route attributes to integrate in the API 1 year ago
  l4p1n 7020d43196
Change channel routing name for new messages 1 year ago
  l4p1n 88ce4784a8
Add gateway route to return websocket URL 1 year ago
  l4p1n 3601a2dc59
Edit redis database prefix 1 year ago
  l4p1n 91d14ffc0f
Edit the channel name the new message event is published on 1 year ago
  l4p1n 1916a55383
Remove uneeded Node dependencies from package.json 1 year ago
  l4p1n 397246ac0e
Remove unncessecary guild_id column from the messages 1 year ago
  l4p1n 22c9e460dd
Add new message event for broadcasting 1 year ago
  l4p1n 19fd70c997
Add test channel 1 year ago
  l4p1n f45224e147
Add test message API route 1 year ago
  l4p1n cd855eedf2
Enable application broardcast service provider 1 year ago
  l4p1n 175e4baf11
Add guarded id attribute for mass assignment 1 year ago